Hot School Lunches


Please see the cloakroom notice board for a copy of the latest menu or view below.  You will notice that we have introduced more choices each day.  The menu meets the January 2015 food standards legislation. To comply with Food Information for Consumers Regulation a breakdown of allergens for each food item we serve is kept on our cloakroom noticeboard.

New Menu for Spring Summer starting 16th April 2018

New Look Menu – Spring 2018

From September 2018 our hot lunch and pudding will be cooked on-site by our Lunchtime Supervisor Rachel.  Preschool staff should be informed immediately if your child has any dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian or gluten-free

• All meals are cooked on-site using quality ingredients

• Milk and dairy products are also freshly delivered from a local farmer

• Fruit is available each day

• Bread available daily

• Fish is available once a week, with oily fish every two weeks

• Our Pre-School lunch time staff regularly attend food hygiene, health and safety training and First Aid Training, our kitchen is subject to annual health and safety checks.

“Nutritionist Resource” believe that healthy eating could hold the key to a long and healthy life, which is why they have established a website that provides the public with easy access to nutritional advice from professionals:


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