Graduation photos

Temest will be at Preschool Friday 20th April 10.30am to take graduation and group photos for school leavers.

If your child doesn’t normally attend and you wish to bring them along please do so.

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Things to do at Half Term

We are closed for training day Friday 16th February, and week commencing 19th February for Half term.  We will re-open Monday 26th February at 9am.

Here’s a link you might find useful for things to do in the holidays

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Visit from Project Sport

We were fortunate today to have a visit from Chris at Project Sport.  He came and did a couple of small group sessions with the children which involved a lot of running, jumping and working with a ball. They had to listen and follow his instructions which is all key to their learning.

The children had a great time!  Here are a few pictures…

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Fundraising For Christmas

We have lots of festive goodies for you to buy each day at Preschool that the children have been making.bty

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Halloween week

IMG_4231We are having Halloween activities all week at Preschool this week, we are encouraging fancy dress, making crafts and pumpkin carving!

We have asked for a donation of £1.50 towards the resources for the activities, and there will be sweet treats available to buy at pick up each day, as well as a raffle!

We are a registeres charity so all donations go to Preschool.


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Facebook Page

If you haven’t already seen our Facebook page go to for news and reviews

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Preschool Steering Group

Dear Parents & Carers

Are you passionate about our Preschool?  Do you want an input on how we are run and the activities we do?  Can you spare a couple of hours a month?  Then why not join our Preschool Steering Group!

We would love to see some new Parents & Carers join our small group to discuss preschool matters and ensure we continue to provide excellent childcare and education for the children.

Next Meeting:

 Tuesday 19th September 2017, 7:30pm at 1885 The Pub, Stainland

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