2017-2018 Sessions Available

sand_rossella_83Sowood Pre-School is an extremely popular and well attended setting situated in beautiful rural surroundings.

We have sessions available on Monday-Friday, mornings and afternoons from September 2017.

Funded places available from Autumn term

Please contact 01422 374367 (Pre-School hours only) or email: info@sowoodpreschool.org for further information or to visit our wonderful setting.

CC Online calculator

We aim to make Sowood Pre-School accessible to the whole community by advertising our existence widely and ensuring that information about our setting is accessible in written and spoken form.

We are registered with Ofsted to care for children within the Early Years Foundation Stage from the age of 2 years until statutory school age.

We arrange our waiting list in birth order and may take into consideration:

  • The vicinity of the home to our setting
  • Siblings already attending
  • Length of time on our waiting list

Full details of all policies and procedures are freely available to view at anytime within Sowood Pre-School.



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