Ofsted Report

Please click on the link below to our latest Ofsted report from 26th November 2021

All the requirements that have been outlined in the report have been actioned and the Inspector came out to review these on 17th January 2022 and they are satisfied that we have met the safeguarding and welfare actions raised.


Positive points from the report:

“When staff respond to children, they do so with care and attention to reassure them”

“Children enjoy the time they spend outdoors playing in the fresh air and being
physically active. Staff are on hand to support children to assess the risks and
navigate the space safely. For example, children develop good physical skills as
they balance and climb on equipment. They learn how to keep themselves safe
while using woodwork tools.”

“Children enjoy the healthy range of meals provided for them. They sit together
at mealtimes and talk about their day. Children know the daily routines and
follow these well. For example, they help to tidy away resources in preparation
for mealtimes. Children and staff follow good hygiene practices to help minimise
the spread of infection. Staff support children to become increasingly
independent to manage their self-care, such as dressing themselves for outdoor
play. This helps to prepare children well for their future learning and transition
to school”

We will be re-inspected within 6 months

EY561596 26112021

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